Are you in danger of losing your airline status?

Your airline or hotel loyalty status is on the verge of being downgraded, or lost.
For the past 3 years, airlines have extended the elite status of their most valuable frequent flyers.

Frequent flyers have enjoyed airline perks & benefits like free bags, priority boarding, lounge access and complimentary upgrades that come with holding elite status - without the having to meet the usual requirements of flying to retain their elite status on merit.

As the world opens up again, the airlines are looking to downgrade travelers who are no longer flying as frequently as they were in 2019.

This means that tens of millions of global travelers, like you, are due to lose, or be downgraded in elite status sometime in 2023.

When airlines downgrade these top-tier loyalty members there will be a ripple effect on the global aviation industry, causing a Status Cliff.

Do you have elite loyalty status with an airline, hotel or other travel product?
Let's see if we can help you keep elite status for 2023.

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