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Loyalty Data Co Acquires StatusMatch.com

Jan 21, 2021 -- Airline loyalty company, Loyalty Data Co, completed the acquisition of StatusMatch.com into its business portfolio.

Loyalty Data Co will rebrand its Status Match Global Loyalty Network business as 'StatusMatch.com' and launch future products under the newly acquired brand. As the leading company in the loyalty customer acquisition space, Loyalty Data Co are recognised leaders in developing products that deliver immediate revenue to major travel brands.

The strategic acquisition of StatusMatch.com will enable Loyalty Data Co to expand its portfolio of revenue-generating products for travel companies while centralising the Status Match network under a single brand.

Loyalty Data Co CFO, Stuart Dinnis, describes the acquisition as "A key investment for the travel industry's future. The StatusMatch.com platform systemises customer acquisition for airline & hotel loyalty programs in ways that have never before been possible. High-value customer acquisition via Status Matches has been under-serving loyalty programs for years, and our global network means loyalty programs can generate immediate revenue from running Status Match campaigns, block customers that have matched with other airlines, and improve the brand experience that has traditionally been missing from the Status Match playbook."

Loyalty Data Co & its management team are responsible for many of the world's status match campaigns - including the acclaimed Frontier Airlines status match platform, one of the most successful status match campaigns in airline history.

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