Note: If you have applied for a Status Match through an airline/hotel or loyalty partner, the FAQ on this page may not apply to you. Please see the FAQ directly on the website for the loyalty partner which you applied.

General Questions

General membership questions related to the Status Match community

What is a Status Match?
Major brands want you to be their customer, but you already give your business to another company (ie: airline or hotel), and as a result you have gained an elevated membership status with that company (ie: Gold status). To encourage you to try a new brand, you may be offered a 'status match', which is an equivalent membership status with the other company. For example: Your Gold status with airline X may be status matched with Gold Status with airline Y. Statusmatch.com helps to facilitate that process for you.
Is Status Match free?
What if I don't have elite/vip with a loyalty program?
I've lost my password - help!
I didn't receive a confirmation email on signing up
Which loyalty programs does Status Match support?

Status Match

The process & how to Status Match with a new brand

What is the process to apply for a Status Match?
How long does a Status Match take to process?
How long is a Status Match valid for?
What if I am not approved?
We package up your loyalty account details, verify your existing elite/vip status, and process the request with the loyalty program in which you are applying with. It is up to the individual loyalty program to approve your application or not. If you are not approved, we will automatically re-submit your application.
How many Status Matches can I apply for?
There are limits to the number of category specific loyalty programs you can apply for and these depend on multiple factors determined by eligibilty criteria set by each loyalty program operator.
Can I apply directly with the airline/hotel?
You could go to the effort of emailing the airline/hotel, asking for a Status Match and hope that you receive a reply. When you apply for a Status Match via Statusmatch.com, we package up your details - verify your elite status is real, and send your application directly to the right people at that loyalty program. As we are a known, independent site, Status Match applications made via us are treated more seriously, and thus, your chances of receiving a successful outcome are higher via our service, than if you were to do it yourself.

Security & Privacy

We take security & privacy seriously - here is how we do it.

Do you store my loyalty program details?
We store as much data as is required to facilitate the Status Match services. This includes basic details such as your name, loyalty id number, etc. We do not ask for, nor do we store your loyalty program passwords.
Do you store my credit card details?


Questions related to payments and billing

What currency do you charge in?
Payments are in United States Dollars (USD), unless stated otherwise.
What will appear on my credit card statement?
Where can I find receipts for my payment?
Refunds / Transaction Disputes
Success Fees

Status Certification

Status Matching with third-parties

What is Status Certification?
If you apply for a status match with a third-party on Statusmatch.com, often you'll be asked to provide with evidence of your loyalty status. Instead of providing them with your screenshots, you can show them your verified Status Certification from StatusMatch.com
How long is my certificate valid for?
Your certificate will be valid for either 6-months, or until the end of your current membership year as determined by StatusMatch, whichever is longer. For example if it's November, and your American Airlines status is valid thru end Jan the following year, we will automatically set the expiry of your Status Certificate to be Jan 31st of that next year, as this follows your current membership year expiry date.
Which loyalty programs can I obtain a Status Certificate for?
Any loyalty program which we support, which is most of them!

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