Launch your status match campaign within 48 hours

Status Match Platform 2.0 unlocks new customer acquisition power for your loyalty program using world-leading customer intelligence technology.

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Run status match & status challenge campaigns simutaneously

Maximize customer acquistion by running status match & status challenge mechanics at the same time. Status Match 2.0 platform technology enables single, hybid and multi campaigns layered on top of each other for maximum impact.

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Real-time validation of customer elite status

Status Match 2.0 technology automatically verifies customer loyalty credentials with other programs within minutes. This enables faster status match processing and a superior customer experience.

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Detailed reporting & dashboard analytics

Admin dashboard with real-time analytics so you can analytise new insights on your customers. Detailed reporting lets your loyalty team remain on the pulse of your status match campaigns at all times.

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No more status match scammers

Status Match 2.0 tier validation technology eliminates risk to the loyalty program by verifying what status tier the customer currently holds with their loyalty program.

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Generate new revenue on each status match

Status Match 2.0 features can provide ancilliary revenue generating products to increase loyalty cashflow & provide a new revenue stream.

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Personalized offers for each new customer

Status Match 2.0 facilitates personalized offers depending on who the customer is and their future potential lifetime value to your loyalty program.

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Seamless customer onboarding experience

Provide your customers with a transparent onboarding experience as they are introduced to your elite tiers for the fisrt time. Your new customers will be able to track their status match progress in real-time.

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Private invitation management

Empower corporate sales teams with tools for them to invite customers on a case by case basis to apply for a status match. Private invitation management facilitates below-the-line status match campaigns for your brand.

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Upsells, upsells, upsells

Do you know which status match cusotmers are willing to buy upsells & upgrades? Status Match 2.0 knows which customers have high propensity to pay more, and we help you monetize these customers.

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24/7 customer support for your members

Our team handles the customer support for your status match campaign. Take the cost burden, stress of new training off your contact center and let our 5-star support team wow your new customers with industry-leading support.

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Fast member upgrade timeframes. Minutes, not weeks.

Status Match 2.0 platform validates, processes and upgrades status match requests within minutes. Customers that receive fast status matches tend to book more tickets/rooms faster and that leads to more revenue for your business.

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We won't let you run a bad status match campaign

Our expert status match team will work with you to ensure maximum impact & the perfect customer experience.

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