The Status Match Mission

A message from Mark Ross-Smith, CEO & Co-Founder of StatusMatch

Every day, thousands of high-value travellers around the globe are seeking a new brand experience.

Some of these travellers are changing jobs, relocating to a new city, or simply looking to test-drive a new brand.

The common theme with these travellers is that their value to the travel industry is in the top 2%, and they enjoy the extra perks, benefits & status recognition that come with being a high-value traveller.

For these top customers who seek to try a new brand, the prefered method is to obtain a Status Match (equivalent loyalty tier recognition) with the new travel brand, as the carrot to lure their spend and long-term business toward the new travel brand.

The travellers' inquiries to obtaining a Status Match often lead to disappointment, as most travel brands are not equipped to accommodate the onboarding of high-value customers.

When high-value travellers requesting a Status Match are ignored by brands, told that 'they don't offer status matches', or 'the campaign ended', this arrogance by the brand almost always results in a lost customer - for life. The brand damage at that moment of resistance can be permanent.

Despite Status Matching having been around for 20+ years, the customer experience around the process for travellers to obtain a Status Match is appalling. When you consider that an elite status holding traveller is worth between USD 2,000 - USD 50,000+ in annual sales, you start to wonder if travel brands understand the value of loyalty cards. These high-value travellers spend more frequently, at higher prices, and buy in to the travel brand ecosystem through co-brand credit cards and miles earning opportunities that drive additional revenue to the travel loyalty brand.

As travel brands are not equipped to deal with a constant stream of onboarding thousands of high-value travellers each year, we decided enough was enough - and the brand was born.

Our mission is to connect high-value travellers with world leading brands.

  • For travel brands, the platform is a fast, simple method for loyalty program operators to onboard new, validated, high-value customers within minutes, instead of weeks/months.
  • For travelers, the platform represents choice and ease - with an easy, fast Status Match application process.
We do the heavy-lifting for travel loyalty program operators by verifying the customers who want to test-drive their brand, and travellers love the fast, transparent, process that enables them to regain control of their loyalty.

Whether you're a traveller, an airline, or a hotel - we look forward to welcoming you on the platform.

Mark Ross-Smith
CEO & Co-Founder